We Are Your Recital Portraits and Performance Photography Team!

Recital Costume Portraits


Includes 10 images of unique poses per dancer. Additional images can be purchased for $10 an image.


Friends and Sibling Portraits includes 5 images of unique poses. Scheduled for Saturday, May 4th at 6:30.

  • Galleries delivered 14 days after session
  • Scheduled class slots and multiple days for shooting
  • Composited Class Photos. No waiting around for everyone to show up for the class portrait. Two photography bays to help picture day flow efficiently providing a better experience for both the dancers and parents. One bay will be a themed backdrop and the other will create a classic editorial image.

Want to wait to see how your children's images turned out? You absolutely can! Feel free to buy your packages after you have viewed them for $125.

Recital Performance Portraits

Spotlight of your dancer 10+ images

$80  when purchased by May 15th.

$100 when purchased May 16th-31st

$150 when purchased after recital.

  • Capturing performance in its entirety, highlights of individual dancers and backstage behind the scenes.
  • We will attend rehearsal to understand the flow and highlights of the dances in preparation for the recital to get the best images possible.
  • Both recital days and rehearsal will be photographed to ensure all moments captured.
  • All signups are made digitally no paper involved!

You've Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!


1. What is a composited image?


A composited image is a unique type of photograph that combines multiple individual dancers into a single, visually stunning team image. These composites involve intricate editing to seamlessly blend the various elements and dancers together.

How many photography bays are available for the dance recital portraits?


We offer two distinct photography bays to cater to different preferences and styles: Custom Livin' Like Legends Theme and Editorial Classic Images.

What is the theme bay for dance recital portraits?


The theme bay is a specialized photography setup designed to capture dancers in the Livin' Like Legends theme enhancing the overall storytelling aspect of your portraits.

What is the editorial bay for dance recital portraits?


The editorial bay is another photography setup that focuses on creating dynamic and editorial-style images. This bay is perfect for those seeking dramatic and magazine-quality portraits. It emphasizes unique angles, dramatic lighting, and creative composition to make your portraits stand out.

How long does it take to receive the digital images after the dance recital portrait session?


We aim to deliver your fully retouched digital images within 14 days of your portrait session. This allows us to meticulously edit and enhance your photos to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Are all images fully retouched before delivery?


Yes, all images included in your package will undergo professional retouching to ensure they look their best. We take care of adjustments such as color correction, blemish removal, and exposure enhancement to provide you with polished and captivating portraits.

How will I receive my dance recital portrait images?


We deliver all your portrait images digitally through a secure and convenient online platform. You will receive a private link to access and download your high-resolution, fully retouched images.

Is the signup process for dance recital portraits digital?


Yes, we offer a seamless and user-friendly digital signup process. You can easily book your portrait session, select your preferred bay, and make any necessary payments online through our website or booking platform. This eliminates the need for paper forms and saves you time.